Trello Kanban Guide for Software Development

Airtable allows companies to manage projects and teams using a clever “part-spreadsheet, part-database” solution. We use it to manage tasks relating to customer relations. It has a Kanban view, a calendar view, and other views for managing tasks. Trello provides a page dedicated to apps and add-ons called “powerups.” These tools can improve the project management capabilities of Trello. Some of these add-ons and apps are your favorite applications that you can integrate with Trello. Users can create labels, tags, or categories that are unique to them.

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The list contains a group of cards containing the to-do task and helps plan the project activities. The to-do item’s status can change from in progress to completed when the user finishes the task. Trello Task Management is based on the Kanban system of project management.

About Trello

With end of support for our Server products fast approaching, create a winning plan for your Cloud migration with the Atlassian Migration Program. Here is a link to the Template I use for website development, feel free to make a copy for your own projects. The planning phase comprises research, establishing goals, and mapping out the strategies for the entire project.

Trello allows users to organize tasks, projects, and processes. It’s especially useful for those who work in groups or collaborate on projects. Task organization, communication, monitoring, and tracking are made simple.

Support for Server products ends February 15, 2024

The team doesn’t spend time estimating work much in advance. A developer will pick up the next item from To-Do; complete it as soon as possible; and pick up another task. This does not mean that you must limit the number of assignments to just one at the time. The important thing is to limit assigned tasks to a reasonable number that will not produce chaos (this is usually three to five assignments at a time).

  • Planning and managing a project is impossible without understanding the effort and time needed to complete a certain task.
  • When all tasks from the version are ready, we release it.
  • It has a Kanban view, a calendar view, and other views for managing tasks.
  • The best practice I’ve found is to add the measurement to the card summary (ie (2) Sample Card A).
  • Alongside Trello, Asana and Monday completed IPOs in the past year, at valuations of $4 billion and $7.5 billion, respectively.

Kanban does not rely on time-boxed deliveries, and you can plan daily delivery if you want to. It relies on optimizing the flow, which means that the team’s focus is to complete and empty the WIP column as soon as possible. This is more visible in software development than anywhere else. Developers can work only on one piece of code at one time, and switching to another feature will cause delays and affect their concentration and performance.

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We suggest having a naming convention for easy identification and traceability of the scenarios throughout the board. The purpose of this list is to have all test scenarios listed and ready to be copied to the lists for execution. Once the task is done, you can move it to the Done list or not to make your board trello software development overcrowded, archive it. In this case, the card will disappear but still be possible to restore. The cost can be further impacted by the software’s hosting and maintenance costs. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the project requirements and a detailed project plan to estimate the cost accurately.

trello software development

It is one of the few applications that I use every day and have no reason to expect that to change. $5.00 per user per month for Standard, $10 per user per month for Premium. Pricing starts at $17.50 per user per month (starting for 250 users, billed annually) for Enterprise. It’s crucial to remain hands-on, join meetings, gather progress reports, and provide updates to stakeholders. Every step counts, and the big picture starts to come into focus.


While the success of your project depends on many factors, one of the most common reasons projects fail is a lack of management or downright bad project management. InVision is a design collaboration platform that lets you create, review, and share your work with the team. This way, you’ll be able to map your next project management framework and make the right decisions around time, workforce, and resources. There are a lot of moving parts (and key players) to software development. This board helps your team celebrate wins, work through challenges, have higher-level discussions, and plan future action items.

trello software development

Even if the sprint is small, it does not help with road mapping. Trello cards can contain any number of attachments, but if you’re a basic user, each attachment is limited to 10MB. Trello Gold, Business class members, and Trello Gold can upload up to 250MB of files. Kanban uses a system using cards and board to break down tasks. Now part of the Atlassian family, Team Trello is headquartered in New York City and distributed all over the world. In 2016 Trello launched the Power-Up platform, allowing 3rd party developers to build and distribute extensions known as Power-Ups[19] to Trello.

Step 1: Sign up on Trello

A Trello board is a list of lists, filled with cards, used by you and your team. After you have added labels to your cards, you will be able to see colored bars on the cards in your lists, as shown in the image. This prompted me to create Hygger which is inherently a Trello for software development. In this article, we will explain the difference between Hygger and Trello in more details.

trello software development

If you are part of software development team, Disbug is a bug reporting and a screen recording tool specifically designed for you. As a user, I appreciate Trello’s customization options, which enable them to tailor the tool to their specific workflows. By creating custom labels, due dates, and checklists, users can adapt Trello to suit their project management needs. This flexibility allows individuals and teams to work in a way that aligns with their unique processes, resulting in more streamlined and efficient workflows.

Knowing how to prioritize ideas and features efficiently is one of the biggest challenges in modern product management.

Both Trello & Monday are excellent software for project management. Trello has an easy-to-use interface with a quick workflow. Like Trello, most of these tools have the same Kanban-style to-do list approach,  similar boards, lists, view, and card layouts. Trello is a free and easy system for managing a project’s progress.